Our Mission

                 The Herskowitz Family

                 The Herskowitz Family

Richie's Spirit Foundation's mission is to promote organ donation to people of all ages through education awareness programs, grants to honor Richie's memory, and inspiring others to live life with a positive spirit.

Following Richie's death in October 2007, the Herskowitz family decided to find a way to keep his memory alive by starting Richie's Spirit Foundation. In only 17 years, Richie found a way to make a lasting impact on people of all walks of life. His passion, livelihood, and love for others is what carries his spirit through even years after his death.

The Herskowitz family is forever grateful to the family who donated its child's lungs for Richie to live a longer, healthier life. In honor of the donor family's gift and Richie's life, the Foundation took form: a lasting way to spread awareness about organ donation while celebrating Richie. 

Richie's Spirit Foundation's programs and grants have reached thousands of people all over the world, but there is still work to be done. Learn how you can help follow our mission by further exploring the site.

Here's to passing the spirit!