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Richie’s Spirit Foundation has awarded $5,000 to athletes who are organ recipients or living organ donors competing in the biennial Transplant Games of America since 2014.

In 2018, RSF sponsored three athletes to attend the Transplant Games of America in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 50 athletes from across the country applied for funding, which will help with the cost of registration, travel, food, and lodging.

Held every other year, the Transplant Games of America are a multi-sport festival event to help promote the need for organ, eye, and tissue donation. The purpose is to show the world that transplantation is a treatment that does indeed work. 2018 marks the third Games in which Richie’s Spirit Foundation is a sponsor.

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2018 RSF-Sponsored Athletes

Elise Babin, 6 years old, from Houston, Texas, was born with biliary atresia and received a life-saving liver transplant in 2013 when she was 17 months old. Elise competed in Youth Bowling, Youth Olympiad, 25 yard Swim Freestyle, and Youth Basketball with Team Texas.

Jason Korbol, 32 years old, from Bloomington, Minnesota, is a living organ donor who attended his second Games. In 2013, Korbol donated a kidney to his mother. He is competed in Track & Field, Bowling, and Pickleball with Team Minnesota-Dakota.

Natalie Yates, 60 years old, from Memphis, Tennessee, is a two-time kidney transplant recipient. She received a kidney from a living donor in 1995 and and an organ donor in 2015. Yates competed in Darts, Cornhole, Bowling, and the 5K Walk with Team Mid-South.

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