Essay Writing Tips

Your essay is the best way for us to get to know you. Please take your time to organize your thoughts into a meaningful essay. In an effort to help you submit the best essay possible, please read over the following essay writing tips: 

Be thorough. 
You have a maximum of 500 words to state your point, so please be concise and stick to the topic and your major points.

Although we acknowledge politics and religion might be important factors in your life, please refrain from promoting any specific political or religious belief. If you have a question about if a specific challenge will be accepted and read by our judges, please e-mail 

To prevent spelling/grammar errors, it is highly recommended for you to write your essay in a Word document and then copy/paste it into the online application form. 

Proofread your essay before submitting it. After you’ve read it, have a teacher, parent, or friend read over it, too. 

Split up your paragraphs by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard twice so a line break is in between paragraphs. 

The essay should be written from your voice, 1st person (I, me, my), not written in 3rd person. 

We want to hear your voice in the essay, but please refrain from typing LOL, JK, BRB, and any other text message lingo. 

If you mention an acronym in your essay, please write out what the acronym stands for the first time you mention it. 

Refrain from thanking the judges for reading at the end of your essay.