This year, Richie’s Spirit Foundation welcomed its first cohort of early to mid-career, twenty- and thirty-somethings working in the NYC area to help support our mission of organ donation awareness. RSF gives you networking opportunities with other young professionals and mentors working in the medical and non-profit fields, professional development opportunities, and fun experiences in some of NYC’s trendiest spaces.


Okera Beidleman is an actor and currently enrolled at The William Esper Studio, a professional acting conservatory, in New York City. His interests include Spider-Man, fitness, comedy, film, food, food, and food. He is excited to see RSF take the world by storm! 


Rebecca Jacobs is a giving professional with a driving passion for helping others achieve personal and emotional health and well-being. Rebecca is dedicating her life to advocacy and community organizing, working closely with organizations such as the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, Jewish Child Care Association, The New York Foundling, and as Coordinator of Experiential Education at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, NJ.  She places high value on community partnership in grassroots movements and enjoys building personal relationships with members to effect lasting change. Rebecca is a graduate of Silberman School of Social Work, a diligent blood donor for almost 10 years, and a registered organ donor.


Jamie Mittleman is an actor, writer, and singer living in NYC and hopes to someday have her own Netflix series.  When Jamie is not working on a project or singing with her a cappella group, Cadence, she loves cooking, eating, and making/consuming large portions of guacamole. Jamie is very excited to be a part of the Young Professionals Network and can't wait to help give others a second chance at life. 


Aristotle Polites was born and raised in Pennsylvania. After earning a degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, Aristotle started pursuing an entrepreneurial career. His first business experience led him to New Jersey, where he co-owned and managed a fitness studio in Hoboken. While he loved and still loves being involved in fitness, he felt it wasn’t the right industry for him. He moved into New York City and started a pursuing a career in entertainment. He ultimately wants to produce his own TV sitcom revolving around fitness. 


Caitlin Roller grew up in northern New Jersey and went to college at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she got a dual degree in Marketing and Operations Management. Caitlin has focused her career on media and tech, and now works in business development at FreeWheel, which focuses on providing advertising technology solutions for media publishers. She lives in Brooklyn and spends her free time dancing salsa, trying new fitness classes, and mentoring with Minds Matter, a non-profit focused on helping high achieving, low income high school students get into college. She is excited to participate in the Young Professionals Network and help drive funding and awareness to the important cause of organ donation.


Jessie Schreiber is a mother of two girls and lives in New York City. She received her psychology degree from Fordham University. Jessie is a small-business owner, running her own tutoring service in Manhattan. Jessie is excited to be working with this amazing team of people and teach people about the importance of organ donation! 


Laura Su is a Southern girl at heart, originally from Dallas, Texas. Laura holds a BS in Marketing and Professional Selling from The University of Texas at Dallas. After graduation, she took a job as a software seller with IBM and moved to New York City. By day, Laura is a businesswoman, but by night and in her free time, she’s a huge sports enthusiast, both playing and watching, is obsessed with dogs, and can be found on Spotify 110% of the day.


Alyson Weiss lives in Westchester, NY, where she is the manager and assistant buyer for a children's clothing store. Her favorite hobby is rooting for the New York Yankees and traveling to experience different baseball stadiums. Alyson is excited to be part of the Young Professionals Network because of the direct impact the organization has helping families in need across the country.