Exciting News from Richie's Spirit Foundation

A Message from the Executive Director

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Dear Friends,

I have never been more excited to share an update with you! This past weekend, Team Richie ran 13.1 miles (times 5!) in the Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. Special thanks to Adam, Josh, Meghan, and Vanessa who joined me in what was quite the physical challenge.  And with support from so many, we doubles our team goal - raising over $6,500 for Richie's Spirit Foundation. 

As many of you know, my older brother, Neil, has been very sick for the past few years. Like Richie, he was born with Cystic Fibrosis, but his body has managed to fight off the disease much longer than Richie’s was able. Six weeks ago, Neil was put on the transplant waiting list for a new set of lungs. Doctors estimated a six month wait. On Sunday morning, Neil got the call that a donor was a match. After a six hour surgery, Neil successfully received new lungs and is resting comfortably.

RSF Executive Director, Jordan Herskowitz, his brother, Neil, and their mom, Barbie.

RSF Executive Director, Jordan Herskowitz, his brother, Neil, and their mom, Barbie.

Neil has a long recovery ahead of him, but one that he can breathe freely in. My family has once again experienced the greatest gift of all: organ donation. This is the work that Richie’s Spirit Foundation is all about, and how amazing it is that we are living the miracle! Please consider making a donation in honor of Team Richie and Neil’s organ transplant. With the ongoing support from donors like you, my brother now has a second chance at life.

My family and I thank you for your kind thoughts and well wishes. We have lots to celebrate as we continue to pass the spirit!

Most sincerely,


Jordan Herskowitz
Executive Director
Richie’s Spirit Foundation