Corporate Partner, ManiCare, Receives National Recognition

Richie's Spirit Foundation's and official corporate partner, ManiCare, received national attention with a feature in the New York Daily News, one of New York City's leading print newspapers.  In the article, RSF was named as a leading charity partner of the business.

The for-profit nail and beauty service caters to clients who receive services at their home, business, hospital or bedside and donates 10% of proceeds each month to charity.  Last September, ManiCare donated this percentage of profits to RSF in conjunction with the First Annual Rockin' Out for Richie in New York City.

ManiCare's founder, Kate Arian, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 2 and underwent a successful double lung transplant nearly four years ago.  Having spent months in a hospital bed, Kate identified a need for beauty services to those who may not be physically able to receive them in the traditional sense, and thus ManiCare was born.  

Kate's story and courageous spirit parallel Richie's life in so many ways.  She is fulfilling her dreams as an entrepreneur and business owner while continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Please click here to read the complete article as published in The New York Daily News.  Congratulations to Kate and ManiCare!