Meet the Winner: Anna King

Anna King Headshot Photo.jpg

At the age of fourteen, Anna King, of Mayfield High School in Mayfield, New York received a life-saving heart transplant. Growing up, Anna and her parents never expected that as a 6th grader she’d be diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease that prevented her heart from pumping effectively and resulted in her being in heart failure.

Anna shares, “People often remark they could never survive a situation like mine, but they’re wrong. There’s no other option. When the waters rise, you either swim or drown, which is no choice at all. People say I’m brave, but I’m not brave; I took my only option.”

Anna’s family started a Facebook page, “Humor Heals the Heart” and she became an “accidental” advocate of organ donation as she found internet fame when she released her popular video parody of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” This attention led to Anna becoming a speaker with the American Heart Association and Donate Life America. She has spoken at events throughout the US and inspired others as she serves as an advocate for organ donation, heart health, and positive thinking.

Anna is a leader at her high school where she is the president of the Key Club and her senior class.  Anna also takes college courses and participates in her school’s drama program. Whether in the classroom, on stage at an American Heart Association function or in her school’s auditorium, Anna is enthusiastic and positive every day as she believes each day provides her with opportunities to honor her organ donor.

RSF congratulates Anna as being named the First Place winner of the 2018 Richie's Spirit Foundation College Scholarship Program.