Meet the Finalist: Bridget Llull


At the age of eight, Bridget Llull was diagnosed with scoliosis. By middle school Bridget was forced to wear a brace 20 hours a day, and by her freshman year of high school, Bridget had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. In search for support and solidarity from other young women with scoliosis, Bridget decided to form her own chapter of Curvy Girls Scoliosis in Philadelphia, PA. Now a senior at Archbishop John Carroll High School, Bridget has grown the group from 2-3 members at monthly meetings, to now reaching over 50 girls since inception.  

In her essay, Bridget wrote about the group has had on her, “I’ve met girls who really do have a significant struggle with scoliosis, such as multiple surgeries or severe mental health issues. This has shaped me to become more compassionate towards others and open about my own struggles.”

Bridget also founded and directs Embracing the Curve - an annual fashion show aimed at increasing confidence in girls, spreading scoliosis awareness and raising funds to support scoliosis research. She explains, “By dedicating my past to helping others in the future, I’ve overcome my challenge and am grateful for the struggles.” Bridget begins her studies in biomedical engineering at Catholic University this fall.

Richie's Spirit Foundation congratulates Bridget Llull on being selected a finalist. Please stay tuned for the announcement of scholarship winners coming soon.