Celebrating Richie's 26th Birthday

Celebrating 26

Remembering Richie on His Birthday

Today marks what would have been Richie's 26th birthday.  When I think about Richie, one word always comes to mind: fearless.  Although most of his childhood was spent in and out of hospitals, on a variety of different medicines, and struggling daily to breathe free, Richie always found the positive in things and truly loved life.  After all, his amazing spirit became the namesake of our Foundation.

Every year on Richie's birthday, I make sure that I am celebrating his spirit and living my life as fearlessly as possible.  This past October, I joined four Team Richie members and took on the biggest physical challenge of my life:  running a half-marathon.  Through training and diet (the things I would have done for a Snickers bar...), I reached my goal time and experienced a true "runner's high".  It has been more than eight years since Richie's passing, but I am still reminded of his spirit and the push to live fearlessly.

Richie's Spirit Foundation has been honoring my brother's fearless life for over six years, sharing his story and the importance of organ donation.  Today, I ask you to remember Richie by making a tax-deductible contribution of $26 in honor of his 26th birthday.  Each and every dollar will directly support our mission to promote organ donation to people of all ages.

Whatever is in store for you today and this upcoming year, I hope you find ways to keep a positive spirit and live fearlessly.  Richie continues to be an inspiration in my life and through the many lives our Foundation's work touches.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support to pass the spirit!


Jordan Herkowitz
Executive Director