Meet the Finalist: Moriah Irving

Moriah Irving Photo.jpg

A senior at North Phoenix Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, Moriah Irving has faced challenges and transformed feelings of loneliness and sadness into motivators to make a difference in the world. Moriah’s world would never be the same after her father killed himself after a long battle with mental illness. Because of this experience, this track and field captain who has numerous responsibilities including an after-school job at Baskin Robbins and serving as a member of the Youth and Education Commission of Phoenix, began volunteering as a Peer Counselor at Teen Lifeline.

At Teen Lifeline, Moriah answers phone calls from teens who are in crisis, ranging from suicidal and self-harming to those needing someone to talk to. In her essay, Moriah wrote “Through all of my experiences at Teen Lifeline, I try to create change even when I am not answering phone calls. I focus on being a caring and compassionate person to others. I am aware that I do not know what every person I interact with is going through in their life, or the hidden struggles they may have. With this in mind, I try to be someone who is kind and caring to everyone I interact with, and to be someone who is open minded and there for others.”

The future Scripps student plans on studying Neuroscience and Political Science. It is her goal to serve as an agent of change related to scientific developments and understanding about mental health, along with policy change and education in schools.

Richie's Spirit Foundation congratulates Moriah Irving on being selected a finalist. Please stay tuned for the announcement of scholarship winners coming soon.