Meet the Finalist: Allison Loo

Allison Loo Photo.jpeg

Despite being a victim of child abuse, California resident and Dublin High School senior Allison Loo displayed strength and determination as she found a way to share her story and help other children who have fallen victim to the same issue. As a high school junior, Allison founded Plushies Aimed To Comfort Hearts (PATCH Club) an organization that provides comfort items to child abuse victims and raises awareness about child abuse. Items are sent to CALICO, the same center that Allison visited after reporting her abuse.

Allison wrote, “Speaking about my past and having my family’s constant love and support helped me heal and realize my self-worth. I realized that I didn’t want to be a victim anymore. Instead, I became determined to find a way to turn an event that seemed to only have a bleak and grim outcome into something positive, uplifting, and helpful to those around me.”

As a club leader, honor roll student, and athlete, Allison finds joy in her passions. The future nurse is currently a member of the Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program, Nursing Careers program and visits Stanford Health Care ValleyCare Hospital. It is through these opportunities that Allison has continued to have a positive impact on the greater community.

Richie's Spirit Foundation congratulates Allison Loo on being selected a finalist. Please stay tuned for the announcement of scholarship winners coming soon.