Meet the Finalist: Silas Sonnenberg

Silas Sonnenberg Photo.jpg

During his seventeen years on this planet, Silas Sonnenberg, a senior at Frenship High School in Texas, has faced numerous health issues. Slias was diagnosed with Rieger’s Syndrome/Anomaly, a syndrome that his mother and siblings also have. Complications have resulted in numerous surgeries and trips to the hospital as well as a life filled with many doctors’ appointments and daily prescriptions.

Through it all, Silas has remained an active member of his community and dedicated student. This honor roll student performs in the Frenship High School Marching Band and Indoor Percussion, is an active member of the Springs Fellowship Church Youth Group and is a volunteer spokesperson for the Volunteer Spokesperson and volunteer and miracle kid for Children's Miracle Network at University Medical Center in Lubbock. As he shares his story with elementary school through college-age students, he inspires them to persist through hardships and serves as an advocate bringing awareness to his health challenges. He is a role model for his determination and might.

In his essay, Silas wrote “My journey dealing with medical issues has shaped me in appreciating every aspect of life. I’ve learned to persevere in hopeless situations. I‘ve learned to thrive in circumstances that are barely survivable. I’ve learned to be a victor rather than a victim. I don’t take seeing, walking, even living for granted because I’ve been unable to walk, in constant jeopardy of losing my sight and on the brink of death multiple times. I’ve learned to persevere, and I’ve chosen to make that a positive character trait.”

Richie's Spirit Foundation congratulates Silas Sonnenberg on being selected a finalist. Please stay tuned for the announcement of scholarship winners coming soon.